If you are a descendant from a Cades Cove family (surrounding area included) from any line and would like to share your family history, stories, photos and genealogy or if you have CC genealogy information that you would like to see placed here,just send it to me. The goal, with your help, is to record, preserve, & share all the family history's of Cades Cove. Email
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My personal experience 1973 I went to the GSMNP head quarters and asked to see old photos of Cades Cove, I was denied. At that time I knew they had family history's, artifacts, and other items but the public was not allowed to view it. I also knew I had kin that once lived & are buried in Blount Co, & was hoping to find a connection to a family in Cades Cove after I learned the true facts of how many families were forced to leave. In much story telling while in the GSMNP, I was told the the people gave up the land willingly. Through the years I now know the truth, so much as been destroyed beginning in the 1930's with the latest being the Caughron house.

The benefit of becoming a member, you are helping to preserve the heritage, history, genealogy of what is remaining. I currently belong to many genealogy Societies in TN, OH, and PA. I know for me the $15.00 for membership to the CCPA  is by far the most rewarding.
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This page is dedicated to those families who were forced from their community and the beautiful Cades Cove for us to enjoy her beauty today.
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There are many names & history facts mentioned about Cades Cove on other pages through out this site. No matter where your ancestors came from, what state or area they settled in, the CCPA allows us to step back in time and gives us a feel and some knowledge of what it must have been like for our fore fathers.
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Photo of Sarah Lequire Anthony 1863-1955
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