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The CCPA has developed or acquired various products which are offered to assist in the preservation of our Cades Cove heritage and to provide funding for CCPA preservation projects. These products, some available in limited quantities, are being advertised via the CCPA web site to enable purchase by friends geographically distant from the immediate Blount County area. 
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Recipes, Remedies & Rumors  
This 600 page, two-volume publication was compiled in 2002 with contributions from many CCPA members and supportive friends. Contents include recipes, several of which were used in Cades Cove homes or by former residents, “home” treatments of medical conditions using various animal and plant materials available to Cades Cove residents, and histories of selected Cades Cove families. Selected in 2003 for an “Award of Merit” from the East Tennessee Historical Society.
Cades Cove A Place In Appalachia
Author: Gladys Oliver Burns
This publication is a 20 year effort of love for Cades Cove and her ancestry by Gladys Oliver Burns, the Great Great Granddaughter of John and Lurany Frazier Oliver, first permanent white settlers of Cades Cove. This is a partnership project with the CCPA and includes information and photographs of Cades Cove and nearby mountain communities where Gladys’ ancestors formerly lived.
The CCPA prints and has all rights to this publication full of Cades Cove History
The Descendants of Robert & Margaret Shields
Author: Dr. A. Randolph Shields
Dr. Randolph Shields, born and raised in Cades Cove, is often recognized as the premier archivist of our Cades Cove heritage whose publications continue to be offered at various locations. Subsequent to the death of Dr. Shields, his children donated a quantity of this out-of-print history of the Shields family to the CCPA in support of Cades Cove preservation objectives. Many Cades Cove bloodlines are represented within this publication which will be unavailable when current supply is exhausted. ( Hard-backed; 320 pages; Published 1986)

Some publications © 3-2005~24  Gloria Motter, All Rights Reserved CCPA
Cades Cove Home Places Map
Preparation of the CCPA Cades Cove Home Places Map initiated in 2001 to document general locations of former home sites, churches, schools, cemeteries and stores from the establishment of the community in the early 1820s until the last resident family, the Kermit Caughron family, departed in 1999. This 11 in. by 17 in. color, laminated product represents the area of the current Cades Cove Loop Road on one side and the Chestnut Flats community along Parsons Branch Road on the opposite. A 1934 vintage map is used as the basis with information derived from published and unpublished research as well as memories of former residents and descendants.
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Cades Cove Home Places Map
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Denim Shirt
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This publication has 129 pages of before (if any) and after pictures of home sites that once was in Cades Cove. “GPS” (Global Positioning System) and maps.
Current sites are in color. This is a must have book, if you want to find the sites of the home places that once was located in our beloved Cades Cove.
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Voices of Cades Cove  DVD Vol. 1 ~ 9
Each Volume has 2 DVD in each set
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