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I invite you to join the Cades Cove List.
It is free and secure thanks to Rootsweb. com
The "CC" list is open to any discussion (also known as "off topic") about Cades Cove including genealogy, history, family stories(past and present), and also prayer request when needed.
We chat about many topics of everyday life.
Want to share your visits, concerns, views,  with other Cades Cove Enthusiasts?
I will also announce the latest news, developments & events about the CCPA, (Cades Cove Preservation Association Cades Cove).
You will find we are a friendly group and all have the same thing in common..........The love of Cades Cove, TN
This mailing list is not affiliated with the CCPA, It is owned and administrated by Gloria Motter

Added note 2-14-09 I will not allow any posts that degrade or has negative content about an individual, organization, or any association-this does not apply to comments that is history prior to becoming the "GSMNP"

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