Christmas Float 2004
Veterans Day 2004
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Photos of work & play of the CCPA volunteers
~To whom we are very grateful for all they do~
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The CCPA worked to remove weeds and apply mulch to the entire front of the Alnwick facility. A local nursery in Maryville donated the mulch for the task. CCPA Board member Roy Coada, center, and Paulette Ledbetter, current CCPA Treasurer, on the right, were assisted by Ken Hurst, along with others in applying the mulch. Mr. Hurst is a member of a church group which shares the Alnwick facility with the CCPA. This work was completed in August 2004.
David Ledbetter, current CCPA President, and Richard Anderson, current CCPA Board of Directors member, were among the several CCPA members who provided many hours to sand and refinish the hardwood floors at our Alnwick home. Here they are working on the floor in our CCPA Museum Room.
CCPA Christmas Party that was held Dec. 11, 2004 at Alnwick
Leon Sparks, CCPA Board member, and Mayford Effler (on left) share a laugh at the Alnwick Smithsonian exhibit. These Tuckaleechee Cove neighbors are at the corn sheller and mill operated by Mayford at the exhibit.
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Ella, Paulette, & Missy 11-03 
Inez & Greg~Can you guess what Greg is doing? 11-03
Cleaning the Cemetery 11-03
Still smiling after all the raking 11-03
Volunteers raking leaves at the cemetery 11-03
CCPA Members performing maintenance on a grave marker in the Myers Cemetery in Tuckaleechee Cove on October 16, 2004.
       March 26 9:00am scheduled Event at Myers Cemetery
Click here to Read more facts & history about the Myers Cemetery
Model of the Cades Cove Primative Baptist Church for the 2005 Christmas Parade.
The Ballad of Cades Cove

In blue Smoky Mountains where yesterday rides,
There’s a cove of green prairies ringed on all sides.
Where fields for harvest once stood ripe in Fall,
Where chestnut trees towered plenty for all.

For decades of seasons they worked the green land,
Toiling and tilling-making a stand.
Through days that were happy and some that were sad,
They loved, sang and worshiped in good times and bad.

The people who moved on from where they once stood
Left fences and homesteads: old brick and wood.
Lingering memories of times that are past
Remain a testament vanishing fast.

Where deer and wild turkey walk freely around,
Where millions of tourist trample the ground,
The echoes of yesterday ring through the air.
And shadows of lifetimes are everywhere.

As the sun lights the cove and noontime draws near, 
Look’ll see them; be still and you’ll hear.
In blue Smoky Mountains where yesterday rides,
There’s a cove of green prairies ringed on all sides.
 © 2006  Donald E. Felch, SMSgt, USAF
Tracie Walker folding the T-shirts as Jim Motter looks at the polo shirts 9-25-08
David Ledbetter and George C. Shields II, Great,Great, Grandson of A.W. Whitt Shields, hiking with David Post, to those secret places in the Cove.
Photo by David Post-Sent by George Shields  1-20-2009
This was taken in front of the Missionary Baptist Church on June 14 as we were picking up the flowers from the graves.
Samantha Varnell (Judy Johns' granddaughter), Janet and Mark Snyder, David Ledbetter, Dave Post, Carol Hopfe, Ruth Caughron Davis, Judy Johns, Bob Hopfe, and Paulette Ledbetter.
May 9 2009 moon walk
Group of CCPA members, family and friends gather before starting on the May Full Moon Walk
Former Cades Cove Residents gather after a picnic near the Cable Mill
John Max Hodge leads the congregational singing on June 7, 2009
3-21-09 Hike to Becky's Sugar Cove
Dave Post, Paulette & David Ledbetter, Ronnie Chambers, Janet Synder, & J. R. Shields