Cades Cove Storekeepers
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Jonathan Myers Store
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Albert Hill Store
Cades Cove residents were characteristically industrious, enterprising, innovative and selfsustaining,producing and manufacturing the majority of agricultural, housing and clothing articlesrequired. Their knowledge and industry enabled the community to be largely independent from outsidesources. However, this independence was not total as selected items could not be grown or manufactured in the Cove. Among those who lived in the Cove, the pioneer settlers of the Cove, somewhat isolated, were most independent, only relying on external sources for essentials which could not be provided within the community. Dr. Abraham Job related a dependence on Uncle Billy Scott in Tuckaleechee Cove for apples as no fruit trees were in the Cove in the 1820s. George Snider also maintained a store there for use of Cove residents. Daniel D. Foute provided a store at nearby Montvale Springs and is rumored to have operated one in Cades Cove as early as 1848. As Cades Cove matured, settlers began producing a surplus of crops and goods which were marketed in nearby areas. These excursions enabled Cove residents a market and opportunities for procuring and transporting needed commodities. This practice dominated until the Civil War period when devastating economic conditions impacted both internal and external markets.
In 1873, Leason Gregg established the first documented store in Cades Cove. This initiated a sequence of storekeepers in the western area of the Cove which continued until the 1930s. These stores were located in the vicinity of the Cable Mill, most on land owned or provided by the Cable family.~In addition to Gregg, storekeepers included Becky Cable, Riley Saults, Henry Hawkins and R.D. and Jane Burchfield. The Gregg and Cable stores were operated from what evolved into the Becky Cable home.
The Saults-Hawkins-Burchfield stores operated from a home built by Dr. J.M. Saults for his son at the Cable Mill access roadway. R.D. and Jane Burchfield built a new store in .1920 a short distance away on the Forge Creek Road with the John Coada family occupying the former store structure. Stores were also established in the eastern end of the Cove. Nathan H. Sparks, Lazarus Anthony and James E. "Bud" Gregory were prominent storekeepers with a store building near Cove (Abrams) Creek at Sparks Lane the dominant location.Gregory was assisted in store operation by his son Giles.
The store building was relocated from the original location closer to his home and mill when Gregory assumed operation.
Calvin A. Gregory, Giles Gregory, Joseph McCauley, Jonathan Myers and Albert Hill were storekeepers in the north-central area of Cades Cove. Store locations were initially on property once claimed by Russell Gregory. Calvin Gregory moved from the Cove in 1900 with Giles Gregory and Joe McCauley assuming store operation. Gregory later sold his interest and joined his father in business.
Jonathan Myers' stores were at his two residences, the final store opposite the Missionary Baptist Church. The Albert Hillstore, last store to operate in tbis area, was located opposite the roadway to the Primitive Baptist Church.
William H. Oliver, Andrew Witt Shields and George H. Shields provided stores in the southcentral
area. Separate store buildings were provided. Oliver's operation included a crode but effective telephone system between home and store. The Shields' store operated until 1911 when George H.Shields "turned his attention to farming". His stock was purchased by "Bud" Gregory and used in operation of the Gregory store.
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