The Cades Cove Dulcimer
A Musical Heritage
One of a kind in the world
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CCPA member Terry Huffstetler has made two beautiful and unique dulcimers from wood salvaged from the Caughron building in Cades Cove.  The boards Terry used were about a hundred years old. The dulcimer is valuable since it is a one of a kind dulcimer in the world. The wood was from a Cades Cove structure that is no longer standing.
Terry started the construction in Cades Cove at  the Fall Old Timers Day Visitors enjoyed watching TerryTerry presented the Dulcimer to the CCPA  President Ruth Caughron Davis at the CCPA meeting. Both Dulcimers are on display at the Cades Cove Museum.
Terry Huffstetler
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If the outside temperature is below 45 the museum WILL NOT be open due to the cold Temperatures inside.
Photos of both hand crafted dulcimers.Both located at the Cades Cove museum @ the Thompson-Brown House museum