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This page was last updated: September 10, 2020
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Congratulations to the CCPA
CCPA is a 2014 Be More award recipient from East Tennessee PBS
Meetings & Events subject to change or cancellation

September 12 Monthly meeting at the Blount County Library
Speaker:Tim Burchett 
Note-Speaker will not be discussing politics!
(Mask required & Social distancing)

Old Timers Day and Fall Festival 2020 has been canceled

Please check this page for event updates and museum closings & events
Guidelines and what to expect during your visit 

-Staff will be wearing a mask during your visit

-We ask that you also wear a mask 
  (we have paper masks for a $1.00 donation)

-Only 1 family (up to five persons) at a time in the museum
  Please for your safety and volunteers keep 6 feet away from our staff and other guests

-All research material, family files, books and photos that are in our office will NOT be  
 available at this time(office is closed) Please do not ask for copies. 

-We cannot offer water or coffee to our guests at this time.

  You can still purchase items in our gift shop (we do have several items on sale)

-Admission is free, but we are grateful for any donations. 
The museum does not receive help-nor do we get funding from any outside source. 
We hope you enjoy the museum and hope you return when this has all over. 

2021 Events
Wilderness Wildlife Week
February 1 - 5
Ramsey Hotel & Convention Center in Pigeon Forge
CCPA will be there to present several programs and a booth

                         Call before making your trip or visit the museum Facebook page at: 
Any changes or updates of any event will be posted here and on the Facebook as soon as it is received
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You can renew your membership at the Cades Cove museum during open hours. 

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Congratulations to the CCPA
CCPA is a 2014 Be More award recipient from East Tennessee PBS