The Cades Cove Museum @ the Thompson-Brown log House 
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Wednesday ~ Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
FREE Admission
Other days & hours by appointment
Group Tours always welcome.
The photos on this page are only a few of the items on display. 
Hundreds of items have been added in the past 11 years.  (2016)

The collection is a treasure to be preserved, protected, and enhanced through the generosity of living individuals from Cades Cove, descendants, their families, & volunteers.

We invite you to place them on loan artifacts, photos, personal histories, and other items you believe would help enhance this collection. In return, we offer gratitude and your name in a place of honor.
please contact Gloria Motter

If you have Cades Cove memorabilia, Items, or artifacts, there is a place of honor for it in the museum. 
What today is known as the back of the house ~ originally was the front of the home Jim Motter & Dave Post enjoying the view.    2006
Photos of a few guys from troop # 85. Sept. 18th  Alex, John, Mat along with adults scraped windows, power washed the picnic tables, chopped down weeds, glazing the windows , and washed the restrooms. 
The CCPA is grateful for all those who volunteered. They have done a mighty fine job. 
We sure appreciate all the extra work they & the leaders did to make the grounds look good. 
The CCPA thanks each & everyone!
Alex Goldberg
John Duggan
Mat marsh
Washing the picnic tables
Getting ready to wash windows
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Last wood cooking stove used in Cades Cove
Please visit the Official Cades cove museum in the historic Thompson-Brown house
Last wood cooking stove used in Cades Cove by Lois Shuler Caughron
Wood that Kermit Caughron chopped for use in the stove
The Cades Cove Museum will be closed May 5 through May 9 2020
Visit the Museum in Pigeon Forge during 
Wilderness Wildlife Week.  For more information visit  Wilderness Wildlife Week at:
The Museum will also be closed May 1 and May 2 for Old Timers Day/Spring Festival in Townsend. Stop at our booth and say hello or talk to former Cades Cove residence in our booth. Hope to see you at one of the events.