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Weekly Cove church cleaning is an on-going activity. 
Group of Townsend Elementary students and teachers watching the CCPA prepared video. They are obviously interested in the content. The video was prepared by Sara Gregory and focused on the significance of corn to the Cades Cove community. There was also an ample amount of Cades Cove history, photography and other information presented. The video was shown in the lunchroom/kitchen area at Alnwick. photo by Paulette Ledbetter
 Visitors to the "Key Ingredients America by Food" exhibit watched corn meal being ground. photo by Linda Albert
A view of the Smithsonian 
"Key Ingredients: America by Food" exhibit photo by Linda Albert
A group of teenagers found the "cheese head" exhibit to be lots of fun.  photo by Linda Albert
Richard Abbott and Debbie West of local Alcoa Schools System Channel 3 visited the CCPA home at Alnwick today for a remote taping of an upcoming Profiles of Blount County program. The visit occurred as 90 children from the Mary Blount Elementary School were present to tour the Smithsonian and other exhibits at Alnwick. Mr. Abbott particularly wanted to interview former Cades Cove residents to discuss their memories of the Cove as well as provide a glimpse of the exhibits. Those who shared their memories were Lois Caughron, Ruth Caughron Davis, Gene and Jo Lequire, Roy Coada, Leon and Jonnie Sparks with daughter Phyllis. In addition, Mr. Abbott managed to chat with a few of the students. It is expected that the program will be aired twice daily for approximately a week. This is the third occasion over the past year that the Profiles of Blount County Program has included representatives of the CCPA. We are pleased that the CCPA has been chosen to appear on the program and feel that these appearances positively reflect upon our mission and the dedication of our membership. 1-31-05
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Letter Of Appreciation 
February 15, 2007
Mr. Dave Post
3615 Old Sam Houston School Rd.
Maryville, TN  37804

Dear Dave,

Please express to the membership of the Cades Cove Preservation Association our appreciation for their participation in our first Winter Heritage Festival!  It was a real treat for the festival attendees to meet people who had such excellent knowledge and personal connections to Cades Cove and our area’s history. We heard so many good comments about the programs, exhibits, and activities. We are very pleased with the response to this event and are looking forward to seeing it take place next year.

With the continuing involvement of groups like the CCPA who care about the cultural history of our region, great things are ahead!  It will be a pleasure working with you on other events for our community.  Please don’t hesitate to contact our office with your suggestions for the future, and be sure to let everyone know how much we appreciate their enthusiasm and hard work.

Herb Handly
Executive Vice President of Tourism
Smoky Mountain Convention and Visitors Bureau

Jeanie Hilten
Special Events Coordinator
Smoky Mountain Convention and Visitors Bureau
3/21/09 Hike to Becky's Sugar Cove
Dave Post, Paulette & David Ledbetter, Ronnie Chambers, Janet Synder, and J. R. Shields
As you can see I do not delete old CCPA happenings. 
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